November Tarot Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta


Hermit (9 of Swords) 

In the search for truth it is inevitable that we must often encounter the dark corners of our mind responsible for causing pain and sorrow. The journey into self-discovery is a lonesome one and until you come to terms with that reality you’ll continue to experience the feeling of abandonment and rejection. You must first know your own soul before you can truly allow another to inhabit your inner world. Although we all come from the same paradise, each must forge a personal path. Your greatest source of anguish will begin to diminish as you learn to save yourself.  Go within to find comfort and your grief will be calmed. Be patient with others and allow them to discover their own paths as well.  

Images from the Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Books, Ltd.


Lovers (6 of Cups)

Feeling a deep connection with another human is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is something we all dream about from the time we are young. Sometimes it is the first love that seems to haunt your later relationships, as you strive to re-create that idyllic feeling on some level. There is no benefit to living in the past, though; nostalgia can be an escape. You may currently be involved with someone that reminds you of a past love or you may run in to a love from the past. Either way, it is important that you encounter the person you are with as an individual, not a shadow. This could potentially become a very serious relationship or a catalyst to healing the past. The choice is yours.

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell’s Art.


Hierophant (Knight of Swords)

You may experience some type of disruption that causes you to question your beliefs or philosophy on life. It is important to understand that everything has a purpose and out of chaos new revelations are formed. Rather than try and fight against this commotion, it may be wiser to identify with it – see your part.  Rather than asking, ‘why is this happening to me?’ Ask, ‘what is this asking from me?’If you can apply meaning to the turmoil you may find that this apparently complicated situation is actually a catalyst to a whole new philosophy on life. For those whom are plagued with an underlying sense of anxiety, it may be time to seek guidance from someone else or perhaps something spiritual or alternative.  The answers are out if you are willing to seek.

Images from the Tarot of the New Vision published by Lo Scarabeo for Llewellyn Worldwide.


Justice (Ace of Pentacles) 

Maturity is a perpetual process of life that includes breaking through self-made illusions to objectively see a situation and reflectively understand how it relates to you. You are both the observer and participator, which means that you must constantly adjust your actions and behaviors according to your personal ethics. As you do this, you encounter a more established idea of who you truly are, accepting both the light and dark aspects. The basic evaluations of good and bad are excuses that will keep you stuck. You are being asked to examine your current position and find the misconceptions that have imbalanced your life.  Honesty is the key to unlocking your own personal truth. When you are real with yourself, nothing can undermine your sense of justice. 

Images from the Ator Tarot by Robin Ator.


Tower (8 of Cups) 

Devoting ourselves to the search for emotional security can be an illusory endeavor because more often than not, we search for some ‘thing’ to provide that security. Then, it is often that thing we accuse of holding us back or hurting us. On the other hand, it is also that thing we attribute our success and pleasure to. Either way, attachment to an object misleads you in to believing that something out there is responsible for feelings inside. Love does not emerge because of something external (although it can be a catalyst), love is born through you, because of you. If you rely too much upon outside stimuli to fill the void within, you will sadly find only despair and addiction because nothing exists outside of you that does not already reside within you. Don’t hold on out of fear. Let go and walk away.

Images from The Visconti-Sforza Tarots published by Lo Scarabeo.


Magician (5 of Pentacles) 

We have the whole world in the palm of our hand and yet, we raise our fists in contempt when something goes wrong and thank our lucky stars when something goes right. You are the architect of your reality.  How you think and what you do has enormous effect over your life.  When will you accept this responsibility? Notice how fear and insecurity motivate you in the attainment of our goals. Is it more than faith in your talents?  Which do you use as impetus to achieve? In the inevitable moments of loss and deprivation, remember that how you feel about yourself is a choice. You are not what has happened to you, you are what you choose to become. Look closely and discover the new resources hidden in the mirage of uncertainty.  Bring them to the light and use them wisely. All that you need is stretched before you.

Images from the Tarot de Marseille by Nicolas Conver published by Heron.


Chariot (4 of Cups) 

Who am I? The quintessential million-dollar question that has provoked deep thought, volumes of sacred scriptures and some of the best literature. Yet still, this riddle motivates a search for answers. Do we ever really know, or is the quest perhaps more important than the answer? We look to teachers, preachers, parents, books - anything deemed wiser than ourselves to provide these answers. But at what point do we look to our self? You must turn in to find your truth, because it is in this way that you come to an awareness that reflects who you are in this life. Even if the answer reveals that you are one with all, your differences are still yours to manage. The power of this knowledge is what guides your progress through life’s challenges, without becoming conditioned or controlled by them.  You remain centered in who you are, not in what surrounds you. 

Images from the Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Books, Ltd.


Strength (10 of Swords) 

Humans are the most domesticated of all animals.  With our social congenialities and painted-on pretenses, we lose sight of or ignore our true nature. We expend so much of our energy maintaining what we perceive to be appropriate behavior that we repress a great deal of our power. The mind is the number one offender, causing you to believe that you must behave a certain way to get what you want, tempting you to believe that you are more important than others. It is for this is the reason that you suffer. As you endure the inevitable trials and triumphs in life, be conscious of how you act in defensive ways. Strength and courage are measured by your ability to confront yourself with compassion not malice. This month brings you face-to-face with an unavoidable ending; be courageous and use the reserve from past experiences to overcome this challenge. Remember, failure is merely a judgment.

Images from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince published by Arnell’s Art.


Sun (4 of Wands) 

Happiness and success are on the horizon this month, as something you have energetically invested in will begin to show signs of fruition. If you have recently endured some troublesome times, things are definitely getting better.  There is a liberating feeling of exhilaration. Areas in your life in which you once felt restricted will begin to move into a more advantageous arena; be sure to use this to your benefit. This may also provide a window of opportunity to ask for a raise, apply for that higher position, or enter into a contest of some sort.  You are the star of the show, so let that light inside you glow and all your experiences in life will begin to grow. For the artists, celebrate your gifts with others by expressing your talents in a meaningful way. Go out of your way to showcase your creativity and be open to wonderful praise.

Images from the Tarot of the New Vision published by Lo Scarabeo for Llewellyn Worldwide.


Fool (5 of Cups) 

Life is full of unlimited potential.  There are billions of opportunities around every corner, yet, for some reason, we chose to highlight the impossibilities or what we have learned to call the practicalities. Yes, it is true you must learn from your past, but learning does not imply dwelling or becoming paralyzed. You must fall down in order to learn how to get back up. Mistakes are opportunities to practice. At this time there is an unexpected prospect awaiting you, but in order to receive this, you must be willing to take a risk and to jump into the unknown. You have felt this impulse developing for some time now but hesitated due to past troubles. Let go of your negative expectations and uncertainties and trust that some greater awareness in you knows precisely what and when to seize the day. For those who’ve been nursing an emotional hurt, it’s time turn around and find the blessing in the lesson. 

Images from the Ator Tarot by Robin Ator.


Emperor (King of Pentacles) 

It seems sometimes that life is a constant reorganization of obligations and responsibilities.  Just as you begin to feel secure in something, it shifts and changes, or worse, it traps you. To the degree that you are able to maintain composure, in the face of all this activity, is a testament to how far you have developed your inner authority. It takes practice, focus and discipline to be centered. Success depends on your ability to stay centered. Discipline becomes a talent that you must cultivate in order to reap the fruits of your labors because without a strong foundation, you will easily be swept away. Currently, some issue in your life requires that you work hard to establish a routine of consistency and dedication.  There is great abundance and personal satisfaction suggested if you can follow through on your endeavors.  Remember, rigidity is not the same as consistency. Work to find the balance. 

Images from The Visconti-Sforza Tarots published by Lo Scarabeo.


High Priestess (10 of Cups) 

Within the depths of each of us lies a bottomless pool of wisdom and history. In our attempts to wade effortlessly in happiness, we must also be willing to swim in sadness, for even in the shallowest of water lies the danger of drowning. Don’t run from uncomfortable feelings or cling to superficial pleasures. There is no need to escape - all that that you need is within you.  Be still, sit in your own silence and listen carefully. There is a message regarding your emotional attachments. For those who have reached the peak of an emotional experience, you need to release so as to step away and see the bigger picture. You may be faced with something unexpected, that you were not prepared for and although, it inspires uncertainty, there will also be profound growth. To know deep emotion entails joy and pain. 

Images from the Tarot de Marseille by Nicolas Conver published by Heron.

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