The Power of Meditating with the Tarot

By Brigit Esselmont

It just blew me away. I went to another world.” ~ Donna, Tarot reader

Meditating with the Tarot cards is one of the most powerful and profound ways to connect with your inner wisdom.

To meditate with the Tarot cards, select one card that 'speaks' to you. Perhaps it's a card that has reappeared in many Tarot readings, a card that attracts you (or repels you), or a card whose energy you wish to manifest in your life.

Bring yourself into a deeply relaxed and meditative state and allow your conscious mind to rest. By doing this, you clear the pathway to your subconscious mind and break through the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional barriers that might exist.

Once the way is cleared, the rich, symbolic tapestry woven into the Tarot card will lead you along a path to your innermost mind. Allow yourself to actually 'step into' the card by bringing up the imagery and exploring the essence of the card in your innermost mind. As you do this, you will evoke your inner wisdom, your intuition, and a connection with your Higher Self.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana, in particular, communicate powerful archetypes that you can draw upon throughout your life’s entire journey. Exploring the Universal truths embodied in these archetypes, you will discover infinite possibilities, infinite creativity and the opportunity to wield the infinite power of intention.

People who have worked with these cards as part of the Soul Meditations program have had profound and personal experiences, such as connecting with loved ones who have passed, having highly intuitive insights, and reconnecting with their sense of Divine love and pure potential.

Following your meditation with the Tarot, journal your experience as if you were writing a story of what happened in your mind's eye. Embed the process by describing the true essence of the Tarot card as you experienced it and then reflecting on how that essence is a part of your life now. Take it a step further and create a heart-centered practice that you can engage in regular to embody the energy of the Tarot card.

By working with the Tarot cards through meditation and guided visualization, you'll create a deep and personal connection with the cards whilst also engaging with the Universal truths and your soul's purpose. It's an incredibly profound and spiritual process. 

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